Monday, November 14, 2011

China Press: Stop Lynas Coalition (SLC) is Praiseworthy

This is a paper cut-out from today’s China Press East Coast Edition’s column dated 13th November 2011 with translation as below:

Stop Lynas Coalition (SLC) is Praiseworthy

SLC has been established for only 2 to 3 months, but it lets us witness the executive performance of this organization to act immediately, by choosing the judicial channels to “Stop Lynas”.

This organization does not pay lip service, and it already announced the detailed plan by listing the legal costs, time consumptions, the respondents, and the legal team. Currently, this organization is actively raising funds for the legal costs – SLC’s actions let the people feel its sincerity and endurance.

Although there is participation of political figures in this organization, some people may denounce its independency. However, in our country, we always need the political power to yield twice the result with half the effort.

Our life is inseparable from politics, there is nothing wrong to allow the intervention of political figures, if their concerted efforts can enhance the organization’s strength, and the most importance is the political figures don’t have a bad hidden agenda.

Therefore, rather than suspecting the independency of this organization, why not accepting the fact that we are inseparable from politics – this will be more appropriate!

We cannot anticipate the future of SLC, but at least at this stage, we should applause this organization for leading us directly to treat the core problems. We do not know what will be the outcome, but it is more practical and effective than we always stand aside from the real solution of the Lynas LAMP problem, by shouting “Objection” again and again.

SLC is not the only Anti-Lynas organization, but what it has done is to bear the heaviest responsibility and burden. It requires great courage and perseverance to use the judicial process to “Stop Lynas”. Once the lawsuit has been filed, the consumption of manpower, financial resources and time is by no means a joke.

“Stop Lynas” will be a long haul battle, and SLC is not to be the acme of perfection. We should give SLC the opportunity to show itself, for its willingness to bear such a heavy responsibility.

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