Friday, January 07, 2011

Press Statement of PKR Batu Kawan Division Women Chief Dated 7 January 2011

As PKR Batu Kawan Division Women Chief, I strongly reprimand the unfounded allegation made by an anonymous SMS sender that I will lead more than 10 division committee members to step down together with our Division Youth Chief Dr. Rajan and Deputy Division Chief Abu Mansor. In which the wild allegation in the SMS circulating included PKR state leadership is attempting to stop the press conference to announce our resignation due to dissatisfaction with the recent MPSP councilor appointment. I seriously hope that such underhanded SMS circulating is not the development of the previous poison-pen email circulated for weeks alleging top-level corruption about illegal sand mining activities in Batu Kawan area.

Seeing the fact our party’s image is deteriorating, and the party leaders/members are blatantly split due to the recent tarnished “direct” party election. Party leadership, be it from the central, state or division level should show transparency in the yardsticks to evaluate any candidate. Likewise, PKR leaders should show higher level of allegiance to the application of the yardsticks and consistency to reinforce its ministerial team. Party’s appointment should not give the implication of patronage politics and it is not on the basis of quality and integrity. This shows beurucracy and feudalism is also rampant in PKR like BN, and failure of PKR to make a significant change in administrative system of merit and equity towards political and social progress.

Thank you.

Dr. Joyce Lee (李枂洙博士)
PKR Batu Kawan Division Women Chief