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Malaysia Today - Al Sheikh Al Juburi’s Faithful Assistant & Clique

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Parti Keadilan Rakyat is becoming more Umno-like than Umno itself these days and Al Sheikh Al Juburi’s Faithful Assistant & Clique are responsible for it. If the Azmin-Zuraida team is capable of doing what they are doing now to PKR, imagine what they will do if Pakatan wins the next general elections without DSAI to control these two.

By Hakim Joe

One may ask, “Who the Hell is Al Sheikh Al Juburi and who is this Faithful Assistant that is being referred to?” The answer can be acquired from Mat Sabu (PAS Deputy President).

Back in the dark ages (1977) when DSAI was still the Finance Minister and DPM of Malaysia and prior to Sodomy I, Mat Sabu made this reference against DSAI as a tit-for-tat after Ummi Hafilda lodged a complaint to A/L Kutty that his deputy is bonking his driver, one Azizan Abu Bakar from the rear and one Shamsidar Taharin (Azmin Ali’s missus) from the front. This was pure revenge for DSAI’s chief conspiratory role in having Mat Sabu caught for “close proximity” at Hotel Perdana in Kota Bharu on January the 31st, 1995, two years after the Kelantan State Legislative Assembly approved the motion on Hudud and Qisas.

Jubur refers to the posterior or the rear end, but in Kelantan it also refers to the female private part. Mat Sabu chose such an appropriate tag to describe DSAI as an abnormal individual who have preferences for the front part (Shamsidar) and the posterior (Azizan Abu Bakar). Realmente Magnifico!

History has of course acquitted DSAI of Sodomy I and Mat Sabu had to literally eat his words but it has also provided Umno with the ammunition to re-launch Sodomy II. This article however does not make reference to either Sodomy I or its sequel but concentrates purely on Al Sheikh Al Juburi’s faithful assistant and his coterie of henchmen who are becoming more like Umno than Umno itself.

Mohamed Azmin bin Ali was born in Singapore on August the 25th, 1964 (Year of the Dragon), which makes him Singaporean by birth. However his education was purely KL stuff, first at the English-based primary school, Gurney Road School [2] (now SK Jalan Gurney) and its secondary education at Technical Institute in Jalan Cheras (now SM Teknik Cheras). From thereon it was to the University of Minnesota where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Economics (1986) and his Master of Education in Mathematics and Economics a year later.

First job home in Malaysia was as a Special Officer to the Minister of Education and two years later in 1989, Azmin was promoted to being DSAI’s private secretary. He served in the same capacity after DSAI was first promoted to being the Finance Minister (1991) and then later to be the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia (1993).

One year before DSAI was sacked from Umno in 1998, Azmin took a two-month hiatus from work to enroll at St. Catherine's College, Oxford University where he successfully completed an Executive Training Program on Political Administration. At this juncture of time, Azmin had already accumulated a full decade of political experience and was groomed to be someone of note but his initial plans were seriously derailed after DSAI was dismissed from all his political positions.

However this proved to be somewhat of a blessing in disguise, as he was elected Selangor State Assemblyman for Hulu Kelang in 1999, and therefore launched his political career earlier than if he was still DSAI’s private secretary.

In November 2001, while DSAI was still in jail, Azmin was elected as a Vice President of Keadilan and in 2008, he won the Gombak parliamentary seat and Bukit Antarabangsa state seat in Selangor. By now he had over twenty years of political experience and with no one evidently challenging him on his smooth and sheltered ride to the upper echelons of PKR, Azmin brought together an assembly of his loyal supporters and delegates that climbed the party ladder together without a notable hitch (except for Khalid Ibrahim) and fully backed by the defacto leader himself.

When Keadilan merged with Parti Rakyat Malaysia in 2002 and launched itself in 2003 as PKR, Azmin was still pretty confident of his position within the newly merged party. However he was knocked down one notch when Khalid Ibrahim was selected as the Menteri Besar of Selangor after the 2008 state election victory.

Then came Zaid “Sea-Biscuit” Ibrahim one year later in 2009 and this intimidated Azmin’s “now seemingly precarious” position in PKR and within Pakatan Rakyat itself.

From the onset, it was seen that Zaid was his own man and not someone else’s poster boy. This was his first big mistake as his escalating popularity was challenging Azmin and posed as an affront to DSAI, and this made the entire PKR EXCO gang up on him (less the few loose cannons). As a recent former Umno minister, Zaid did not understand how the PKR party politics were being played and by standing out as a candidate that could pose as a serious replacement for DSAI so soon after joining PKR, he was in fact threatening Azmin’s position, status and future.

The second mistake Zaid did was his attempts to entrench himself as the number two man in PKR and Azmin was not having any of that.

Even when Zaid was grabbing national headlines alongside DSAI, the latter acknowledged the fact that PKR is in reality stronger with Zaid and therefore portrayed itself as a creditable replacement to Umno. Additionally, DSAI also knows that Zaid could not possibly challenge him as the defacto leader of PKR and that should Pakatan win the next general elections, DSAI will unquestionably become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The scenario is however completely different with Azmin. With Zaid showing tremendous form, one of the DPM seats (DSAI proposed 3 DPM posts, one each from the three coalition parties) suddenly looked awfully remote and getting further and further away from his outstretched grasp, and something had to be done to curb his ominous headlong slide to mediocrity. The PKR party elections hence became the definitive battleground to rein in Zaid (and along the way Khalid as well) and to resolve the issue once and for all and Selangor was chosen to be the ultimate frontline, no holds barred.

The controversy laden 2010 PKR party elections proved to be tainted by allegations of vote rigging, undemocratic practices, existence of two different register rolls, missing ballot boxes, fraud, electoral misconduct, double standards, bribery, etc and its corresponding results became so dubious that Azmin-crony Molly Cheah, the PKR party election committee chairperson, was taken to task over the final announced results. Hell, even A/L Kutty was pleasantly surprised with the Umno-tactics used in the PKR party elections. Nonetheless, Azmin and his clique have done their damage and finally, Zaid and Khalid were left standing alone.

Zaid resigned from PKR and Azmin took full advantage to be appointed the PKR Chief of Selangor, replacing incumbent Khalid Ibrahim, the Selangor MB who was reassured that he shall remain the Selangor PKR Chief by PKR President Kak Wan less than a month ago (29 days to be exact). For those who stood by him, all were suitably rewarded. PKR Wanita Chief, Zuraida Kamaruddin became the PKR Deputy Chief of Selangor. Zakaria Abdul Rahim aka Zakaria Bola was selected as the PKR Pandan Chief (even when the corresponding
party elections was a tie between him and incumbent Nik Md. Zain Nik Mohmad). Mansor Othman and ninety percent of all PKR honchos and cohorts were praised and rewarded. N. Surendran was appointed as one of the party’s Vice Presidents. Datuk Dr Tan Kee Kwong was retained as the party disciplinary bureau chairman. For the remaining 10 percent who was not of the DSAI-AA-ZK gang, the witch-hunt began in earnest.

Amongst the “biggies” on the list, Batu Kawan division women wing chief Dr. Joyce Lee Yueh Choo was the first one to be served suspension papers (later sacked). Wangsa Maju MP Wee Choo Keong was next to go. Mustaffa Kamil Ayub, Padang Serai MP N. Gobalakrishnan and Nibong Tebal assemblyman Tan Tee Beng were sidelined. Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad was ignored and many municipal councilors who defied Azmin or Zuraida had their appointments terminated. PKR Deputy Secretary General, Jonson Chong of Kelana Jaya were amongst the 29 active members that were sacked. 10 members were suspended and 12 others received warning letters. Even Tian Chua did not have sufficient clout to stop the “cleansing” ala Mao’s Cultural Revolution style elimination of all resistance within the party while Wan Azizah pretended ignorance.

Anyone suspected of not condoning the “Cult of DSAI-AA” were systematically dismissed from the party (and it is still happening now). PKR Deputy Chief of Selangor, Zuraida Kamaruddin then took this opportunity to do a bit of personal cleansing and started sacking anyone who question her actions and sidelined those who does not serve her purpose (including the time she instructed all Selangor’s PKR Cabang’s official minutes that were detrimental against her be “misplaced”). Way to go.

Yes, PKR really needed to clean up their house a long time ago but it should be done against those who opposes the Party’s ideology, not those who would not support either DSAI, AA or ZK. Keadilan should stand for the people not these three individuals alone. PKR, as with DAP and PAS, is about presenting themselves as a viable alternative to BN, and not acting like them. PKR should act like a political party and not a cult.

With DSAI possibly going in for another stint after Sodomy II, Azmin is now attempting to present himself as the only suitable candidate to lead PKR and Pakatan to GE13, and to do so he needs 100 percent backing from PKR itself, henceforth the cleansing exercise that is turning the party upside down.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat is becoming more Umno-like than Umno itself these days and Al Sheikh Al Juburi’s Faithful Assistant & Clique are responsible for it. If the Azmin-Zuraida team is capable of doing what they are doing now to PKR, imagine what they will do if Pakatan wins the next general elections without DSAI to control these two.

Be warned. Be especially warned.

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星洲日報 - 萊納公司關丹設稀土廠‧澳州一組織要入稟打官司





她舉例,萊納的負責人可能在處理關丹稀土廠計劃的申請過程時,利用澳洲交通法令的漏洞,申請將西澳韋爾德山(Mount Weld)的稀土礦物運至大馬提煉。










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Mining Australia



Lynas facing legal action over Malawi rare earths

South African geologist Michael Saner has given Lynas Corporation until today to recognise his Malawi rare earth claim or face legal action.

Saner claims the Kangankunde tenements in Malawi, potentially worth billions and currently owned by Lynas, belong to him and he has orders from the High Court to prove it.

But Lynas claims the Malawi Government recognises it as “the registered legal owner” of the project.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald Saner claims Lynas flew him to Sydney in 2008 and offered him up to $US500,000 to drop his claim on the project.

He also claims Lynas was aware of a High Court ruling deeming him the holder of the tenements in 2008.

He says the company has copies of orders detailing his ownership.

According to Lynas Saner previously owned an exploration licence for the tenements but his claim expired.

The company said it bought the project in 2007 from a different party, not Saner, and acquired a mining licence after a series of Government approvals.

It says Saner’s claims are between him and the Malawi Government and the company is currently not a party to the dispute.

Lawyers acting on behalf of Saner claim Lynas’ ASX announcement last week advising investors about the Malawi dispute “appears to be misleading”.

Lynas has so far made no comment on the matter and says the argument is one between Saner and the Malawi Government.

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中国报 - 廠房90%硬體工程完成 若獲執照1月投產

廠房90%硬體工程完成 若獲執照1月投產

18/11/2011 17:59
  • 稀土原料將從左邊貨倉以封閉式輸管送往提煉。










 “雖然是臨時槽,卻是依據規格建設,做足防溢漏系統等設備的工作,至少可囤放6年廢料。已在研發中的產品是石膏板(gypsum board)和一種術稱natural under flow的肥料。”


馬斯拉說,萊納不曾拒絕與反萊納聯盟、拯救大馬委員會“溝通 ”交流。





























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南洋网 - 明年4月输出制成品 稀土厂年杪操作

明年4月输出制成品 稀土厂年杪操作



2011-11-15 18:54










(Nanyang Siang Pau dated 15th November 2011) Lynas rare earth refinery plant PR executive Shariza said, if nothing goes wrong, the plant will be in operation in December, and will start exporting finished goods by April next year.

He told "Nanyang Siang Pau” the plant is still in the construction, the management acts according to the regulations required by the government.

However, the plant has yet to obtain the operating license.

It is understood that foreign investors or their representatives frequently visit the rare earth refinery plant to inspect the construction schedule. Yesterday, there were 43 shareholders visited the plant by air-conditioned bus to make a tour of inspection.

Shariza said: “it’s common for shareholders and customers to do routine inspection, including the investors from Japan.”

He said the rare earth materials has yet to transport from Australia Mt. Weld to Malaysia, "according to general procedure, unrefined rare earth raw materials must be selected and tested during arrival, before refining into finished goods.”

"The soil beneath our feet also has the radioactive thorium, and Lynas Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. just refines the rare earth raw materials into finished products, by supplying them to various fields as material."

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Free Malaysia Today - MP cooks a bizarre ‘Lynas’ dinner

MP cooks a bizarre ‘Lynas’ dinner

Patrick Lee
| November 14, 2011

If two-headed chickens and zebra-striped bananas tantalize your tastebuds, then check out what Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh is cooking on Youtube.


PETALING JAYA: A short and dark comedy about the controverstal Lynas plant has been posted on YouTube and stars none other than its chief opponent Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh.

Entitled “Masakan Cinta (Love Dish)”, the 4:44-minute comedy sees the PKR leader playing the role of “Chef Wani”, a friendly TV chef who goes out of her way to cut out radiation from her cooking ingredients.

“This morning, I went to the wet market, and got all these fresh ingredients for our special dinner tonight…Here, we have free range village chicken,” she says, before pointing to a two-headed, three-legged bird.

Most of the cooking material on “Chef Wani’s” table also appear to have been mutated by radiation, including a squid with a fish head, prawns with elongated tentacles and zebra-striped bananas.

She then tells the camera that special cooking tools are needed to remove the “dangerous radiation” from the food, and brings out a chopper, peeler and hacksaw.

“Watch closely how I gut out all the dangerous parts of this chicken,” Chef Wani says, before she beats the carcass with her rolling pin, and saws it apart, guts and all.

Accompanied by cheery background music, she also saws a goat’s head and crushes the bananas into pulp.

“This carrot, we have to get rid of all the radioactive bits from it, if not, we cannot eat. We need to get rid of the thorium, uranium, mutanium, monsterium, lukemium.”

“Anything that ends with an ‘ium’ we have to get rid of before we eat,” she adds.

Eventually, Chef Wani groups the “radioactive” bits into a pile and pushes it off the table. She then sets about to cook, and serves the end result – five black specks – to her guests.

She also serves her confused dinner guests – which include Subang MP R Sivarasa- with a strange looking cordial.

Creating awareness

Speaking to FMT, Fuziah said the film is the first in a series entitled “Survival Guide Untuk Kampong Radioaktif”.

“The producers wanted to use comedy as a means to start some awareness about Lynas and hope to create some interest (within the public) about finding out about Lynas,” she added.

Fuziah was referring to the controversial rare earth plant operated by Australian mining giant Lynas Corporation Ltd in Gebeng, near Kuantan.

Critics of the plant have denounced it as a radiation leak risk, especially with operations due to commence by 2012.

Some residents in the area fear that the running of the plant may see a repeat of the 1987 Bukit Merah disaster, where a leak resulted in cases of leukaemia, followed by seven deaths.

Today, the Bukit Merah refinery is undergoing a clean-up process worth RM300 million.

The Kuantan MP said there is not enough awareness over Lynas. “There is an interest, but a lot of people depend on hearsay. Especially with the Malay community who only have access to the mainstream media,” she added.

She also explained that “Masakan Cinta” was made on a pro-bono basis.

“Initially, I wasn’t keen on acting, because people can misinterpret the film, and then use it to spin and discredit me.

“But it’s a comedy, and everything in it is overexaggerated. The idea (behind it), is to go through so much pain for your guests,” Fuziah said with a laugh.

According to its Facebook page, “Survival Guide Untuk Kampong Radioaktif” consists of four short parodies “set in a fictional world where radioactive activities have all gone wrong”.

The next three short films are expected to be released in the near future. For more information on the films, visit its Facebook page here:

Also read:

Miti on Lynas plant: Safety is top priority