Thursday, December 30, 2010

PKR Failed “Direct” Elections

PKR “direct” elections which should be a milestone in Malaysian politics have turned out to be a fiasco with party members leaving the party, holding mass protest, vituperating each other and crucifying top leadership in the media, social networking, blogging and microblogging sites.

The imbroglio has started when Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim who joined PKR for less than a year declared his candidacy for deputy presidency. This triggered PKR de factor leader Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim to interfere in the election by making sure his “right hand man” Azmin Ali would win PKR deputy presidency at all costs. False allegations were carried out by many top leaders including Anwar himself against Zaid by labelling Zaid as “Trojan Horse”, denying him was ever the PR co-ordinator and many more. Also, telephone calls were made by Anwar to many division chiefs to tell them who to vote by promising “sweets” would be rewarded. When party leaders and members saw how things were going, many jumped on the bandwagon. Further, Azmin, the incumbent PKR Women Chief Zuraida Kamarrudin and gang used every means in their positions, power and manipulated the party machinery to win.

Party leadership turned a blind eye to the allegations of electoral fraud, coercion, violence, malpractice and even vote-rigging during the polls process. This led to much frustration among party members who had hoped the party would set a benchmark in local politics. The furious and disappointed Zaid opted out of the race halfway and left PKR to set up a new party, KITA. Party members’ frustration finally reached its peak when the party election official results were announced and new central leadership are formed by ignoring the irregularities and without disclosing all the divisions’ polls results of the last two weeks.

To this point, not only no action has been taken by party leadership on the alleged malefactors. But the unscrupulous duo, Azmin and Zuraida have been crowned Deputy President and National Women Chief of PKR respectively. Worst still, the influential PKR Election Director post who will decide candidates for the coming general election was taken away from Fuziah Salleh who has more conscience comparatively and given to Azmin also. Meanwhile, Dr. Xavier Jayakumar who is aligned to Azmin but alleged using gangsterism in various divisions during the polls was given award on the stage during the recent PKR convention, as well as being appointed to the powerful central political bureau.

Many staunch supporters’ dreams have now been shattered and they no longer believe those lying and unethical PKR leaders will be able to lead Malaysia to a clearer and brighter tomorrow.