Thursday, November 17, 2011

南洋网 - 明年4月输出制成品 稀土厂年杪操作

明年4月输出制成品 稀土厂年杪操作



2011-11-15 18:54










(Nanyang Siang Pau dated 15th November 2011) Lynas rare earth refinery plant PR executive Shariza said, if nothing goes wrong, the plant will be in operation in December, and will start exporting finished goods by April next year.

He told "Nanyang Siang Pau” the plant is still in the construction, the management acts according to the regulations required by the government.

However, the plant has yet to obtain the operating license.

It is understood that foreign investors or their representatives frequently visit the rare earth refinery plant to inspect the construction schedule. Yesterday, there were 43 shareholders visited the plant by air-conditioned bus to make a tour of inspection.

Shariza said: “it’s common for shareholders and customers to do routine inspection, including the investors from Japan.”

He said the rare earth materials has yet to transport from Australia Mt. Weld to Malaysia, "according to general procedure, unrefined rare earth raw materials must be selected and tested during arrival, before refining into finished goods.”

"The soil beneath our feet also has the radioactive thorium, and Lynas Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. just refines the rare earth raw materials into finished products, by supplying them to various fields as material."

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