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关丹国会办公室到了一封来自国际贸易与工业部524发出的信,通关丹国会议傅芝雅和她的3团队530与国际原子能机构小组会面。贸工部协调员却告知他没有透露消息自由来回应傅芝雅的问题 - 谁是其他被赋予会面的利益相关者。





最后,傅芝雅也提醒国际原子能机构小组和贸工部,莱纳斯稀土厂问题关丹市民社区影响最深远 - 因此,小组必须分配时间聆听广大关丹民众的心声。

Press Release

Fuziah Salleh
Kuantan MP
26 May 2011

Title: IAEA Panel and MITI must acknowledge the importance of every stakeholder and must be transparent in the process of public consultation

The Kuantan Parliamentary office received a letter from MITI on the 24th May, informing about the appointment given to MP for Kuantan and her team of 3 to meet the IAEA panel for Monday 30th May. Upon my question who are the other stakeholders that have been given appointment, the coordinator for MITI said that he does not have the liberty to disclose.

I have also been made to understand that all the stakeholders are to meet the Panel in private sessions without any session which is specifically allocated for the Panel to meet the public in one big forum.

Today MITI made a public announcement in 3 national newspapers ie Sin Chew, China Press and the Star. The announcement is an invitation to the public to present their concerns to the Panel. In choosing only 3 newspapers, MITI has overlooked the Malay public that reads the Malay newspapers. At the same time MITI’s action has discriminated the readers of the other english and chinese newspapers.

It’s every stakeholder’s right to put their concerns across and the panel must listen to each and every stakeholder’s worries and concerns. It is also important for the panel to be transparent in the process of getting feedback from the public.

Thus having some private sessions and at least one or two public forum is neccessary in this process of consultation with the public.

I would like to remind the panel and MITI that the Kuantan citizens are the ones most affected by LAMP thus they should be the ones that the panel must allocate time to and listen to most.

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