Saturday, May 28, 2011

Press Release Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh 28 May 2011 - Asking Lynas to deposit funds in Malaysia is an act of treason on the Rakyat

Press Release
Fuziah Salleh
MP for Kuantan
28th May 2011

Malaysian Insider has quoted a government source saying that Australian mining giant Lynas Corp will set aside part of its earnings from its refinery plant in Gebeng to help Putrajaya sponsor research into how toxic rare earth can be disposed of safely.

The Malaysian Insider also quoted Lynas last week that it had deposited money with Putrajaya “to ensure safe management of any remaining residues as required by the AELB”.

I am of the view that Government agencies, irregardless whether it's MITI or MIDA or AELB is committing an act of TREASON to the Rakyat by the very thought of asking for funds for whatever reason it may be.

Wasn't it MITI who allowed Lynas a tax holiday of 12 years?

Why should we be doing research on waste management now? Should not MITI have gathered all the facts prior to awarding them the strategic pioneer status?

Why should we be putting aside funds for accident of some sort should it happen?

Asking for such funds indicates that there are doubts as to whether Lynas is totally safe

If Lynas is so safe as they claimed, the thought of putting aside a surety fund, is totally out of comprehension.

It's also immoral for Lynas to even consider agreeing to deposit money with the Malaysian government.

If Lynas is so safe as they have always pledge to be, then Lynas should not comply to the request. Instead Lynas should just stick to the argument that they're 100% safe, and that there's no need for such funds.

In agreeing to pay for the funds shows how Lynas is capable of sacrificing fundamental principles just to get license to operate in Malaysia as well as to dump their toxic radioactive waste in Malaysia.

I would like to remind the government that we're dealing with people's lives and people's safety which is totally non-negotiable and too priceless to trade.

Every single doubt on Lynas should translate into stopping Lynas and nothing else.

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