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Press Release of Kuantan MP YB Fuziah Salleh on 7th September 2011

YB Fuziah Salleh - PKR Vice President and Kuantan MP

YB Fuziah Salleh - PKR Vice President and Kuantan MP

Re: MCA and Hua Zong needs to be sincere to the Rakyat in their stance re Lynas Advance Material Plant (LAMP)

The announcement on the setting up of a “National Supervisory Committee on Rare Earth Issues” to address the LAMP issues in Gebeng, Kuantan, by MCA Deputy President Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai and the Federation of Chinese Associations of Malaysia (Hua Zong) plus seven other Chinese associations – seems to have totally missed the real issues underlying the public outcry against LAMP.

The setting up of a “Supervisory Committee”, while at the same time Liow Tiong Lai’s statement which was quoted by Sin Chew Daily: “We will collect the people’s views, and at the same time we will meet MITI, MOSTI, and The National Economic Action Council soon to convey the people’s views” totally disregards the strong clear message by the public in Kuantan. The message is STOP LYNAS and it’s clearly NOT SUPERVISE LAMP. By setting up this “Supervisory Committee”, MCA is trying to show that they are the champion for the Rakyat, but while doing so, they made a fool of the Rakyat’s intelligence and concerns re LAMP.

Furthermore, the opposition towards LAMP is not just an issue which concerns the Chinese community. MCA is roping in all the Chinese associations, while at the same time asking “Save Malaysia! Stop Lynas” to work with them reflects total lack of empathy to the outcry against the LAMP by the Malay community living around Balok and Gebeng spearheaded by BADAR, and also by other groups such as The People’s Green Coalition, MMA, Bar Council, SAM, CAP and the rest. Is the lives and well-being of the Chinese community more important to MCA? More so than the lives and well-being of other communities? This reflects the typical BN chauvinistic thinking as well as a crude example of its divide and rule mind-set.

Lynas received Approval and License to build from the BN government way back in early 2008. MCA being one of the major component parties of the BN ruling coalition was part of the decision making that brought in Lynas rare earth refinery plant to Gebeng, Kuantan. To add to that, two MCA ADUNs from Kuantan visited the mine site at Mt. Weld, Australia in mid of 2009, and they came back to declare the LAMP will be safe. Why didn’t MCA make a decision siding with the safety of the Rakyat then? Why the sudden U-turn now, if not just as a political move to regain grounds and support in Kuantan?

Is the announcement on the setting up of the “Supervisory Committee” just a ploy to deceive the Rakyat that MCA is doing something? Is MCA’s ploy just to look good without actually standing up for what the Rakyat truly wants? Will MCA ever have the guts to face up to UMNO in the BN coalition and tell the government what the Rakyat really wants? Will Hua Zong also dare to speak up and tell MCA that it’s not good enough to “supervise” when the Rakyat has made a decision not to accept LAMP? So please MCA, be sincere to the Rakyat, come clean and stop this “wayang”. Demi Rakyat Kuantan, don’t politicise the issue, just be honest and sincere.

On Behalf of the Kuantan Concerned Citizens.

YB Fuziah Salleh
Member of Parliament for Kuantan, Malaysia.



马华公会署理总会长廖中莱宣佈马华、华总和七大华人团体联合成立?全国稀土课题监督委员会?,以应付关丹格宾(Gebeng)莱纳斯稀土厂的争议 – 似乎完全遗漏了导致人民强烈抗议稀土厂的真正问题。

根据新洲日报的报道,这个监督委员会的成立,廖中莱完全漠视关丹民众所发出的强烈讯息,廖宣称:?我们将会收集人民的意见,同时也会在近期内会见国 际贸易及工业部(MITI)、科学、工艺与革新部(MOSTI),以及国家经济行动理事会,传达人民意见。? 关丹民众所发出的强烈讯息是要停止莱纳斯稀土厂,而根本不是要监督稀土厂。马华只想利用这个监督委员会的成立,来显示马华是人民的拥护者,但马华的行为其 实是在侮辱人民的智慧。

而且,反对莱纳斯稀土厂不只是关乎华裔社群的问题。马华网罗了全部的华团,同时又只要求?拯救大马委员会?与他们合作,充分显示出马华缺乏人情味、 完全忽视了由?巴答抗稀土组织?(BADAR)所领导的一群居住在巴洛(Balok)和格宾(Gebeng)一带的马来裔社群对莱纳斯稀土厂的强烈抗议, 也同时无视绿 色联盟(The People?s Green Coalition)、马来西亚医药协会(Malaysian Medical Association)、律师公会(Bar Council)、马来西亚自然之友(SAM)、槟城消费者协会(CAP)等组织的不满。难道马华只重视华裔而不是全部族群的生命和福祉吗?这反映了典型 的国阵沙文主义、和粗陋的分而治之心态。

莱纳斯早在2008年初已获得国阵政府的许可证和建筑执照。马华身为国阵执政联盟的主要政党,共同决策将莱纳斯稀土厂引到关丹格宾。更甚的是,马华两名来自关丹的州议员,在2009年中拜访了莱纳斯在澳洲威尔德山(Mount Weld)的矿场后,他们回国后宣称稀土厂将是安全的。为什么马华当时不作出顾虑到公共安全和大众健康的决定?如果不是为了政治花招来争取关丹人民的支持,为什么到现在才突然来个U转?

是不是宣佈监督委员会的成立,只是欺骗人民的伎俩以宣示马华有做事?是不是马华的花招,仅让马华看来令人满意,但实际上又不维护人民的真正需要?马 华可曾有勇气面对国阵内的巫统,忠告政府人民真正的需要?华总敢于面对马华响亮地说监督是不适合的,既然人民已决定不接受莱纳斯稀土厂?所以拜托马华,对 人民多些真诚、少些花招、全盘托出和停止这场表演。为了关丹人民,请不要政治化稀土课题,请展出你诚实和真心实意对待人民的义务。


傅芝雅(Fuziah Salleh


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